Our Locations



We currently have our primary base in Scarborough / Redcliffe.


We always come to you:

Through the use of mobile and cloud based technology, we have built our business such that we too are more efficient when we are coming to meet you at your premises (or if we're shouting you a coffee from your favourite local barista nearby). Our philosophy is to allow our staff to service their clients, and in turn do their best work, from where they feel that should be done. If staff have no meetings with clients on a particular day, they are free to work from home. This not only produces efficiencies and leads to a better work/life balance, but also reduces needless commuting, which is in turn, good for the environment. For this reason, we do not schedule meetings at our offices. Our staff will always come to you, as that forms part of the fabric of our service offering to you.
Other reasons why we come to you:
We always aim to ensure that we travel to our clients premises for all meetings anyway, as this:
  Ensures maximum productivity for clients by eliminating inefficient travel time

  Ensures that all of the relevant information, documents and records required from the customer are always on-hand, and can't be forgotten or left at the office.

  Ensures that your source data, documents  and records never leave your possession. We will copy what we need there, if required.

  Removes the need for you to remove your documents, files and invoices from your filing system to send to us.

  Allows you to ask questions or check with other staff members during the meeting, if questions arise.

  Gives us a better understanding of your business, your systems, and how you work

  And, allows us to meet your accounting and admin staff face to face, which may not otherwise occur.
Not only does this arrangement prove more efficient for our clients businesses and ensure greater document security and less disruption to your filing systems, it is the basis upon which we have built our business, and for you, this means us keeping our fees low.