Consulting CFO


Utilising a CFO on a consulting basis not only saves you the cost of having an experienced full-time CFO on board, but also, because you only use their services for a few hours/days/weeks here and there, allows you to access the skills and experience of someone whom may have been beyond the financial ability of your business on a full-time basis. This can be especially useful when it comes time to buy or sell your business, take on a new partner, open a new location or enter into a new lease or acquisition, which only occur on an occasional basis.

A consulting arrangement can provide excellent value for micro and small businesses, as well as start-ups, who might not warrant a full-time CFO or FC yet, but want to ensure a guiding hand oversees their finance and governance functions, so they do not fall into bad habits or encounter pitfalls through the early growth years. As many experienced business owners will attest to, this can prove very expensive later on when it comes to things such as business structures, ownership structures, pre-purchase due diligence and the like, which are all very difficult or nigh on impossible to rectify or change later on.

Carter Haywood's principal director,  Mike Stabb (FCA, MAICD, QUT BBus{Accy,BusLaw}), is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a CFO with more than 20 years professional experience, who is available on a consulting basis. For more details about his experience, please visit LinkedIn by clicking on the icon below.